1-5 th March Mazunte, Mexico


Contact Improv ~ Theatre ~ Creative Process ~ Acroyoga ~ Authentic Movement ~ Somatic Exploration 




On this journey we integrate all of our experiences of movement practices as as a way to discover and express ourselves, a creative act that unfolds in this search of the Expressive body

that is inspired by  the interaction with the other, the natural beauty around and the canvas on which to create.



During this 5 day immersion of workshops and laboratories we will be sharing techniques and explorations of Contact Improvisation, Acroyoga, Body Poetry, Somatic Exploration, Authentic movement and Laboratory time to discover and dive into the forms of expression through the body and the creative impulses. We will play with different methodologies of interactions and dynamics leading to developing creative composition that can be shared on the final night or used as tools to develop your individual projects/performances in the future.



★ Components of investigation:


Which are my creative impulses and where do they take me?


What do I want to transmit, where are my emotions directed and what image am I transmitting?


How can I use different forms and dynamics of movement in order to expand my capacity of expression?



This Immersion is open to everyone interested in expressing and creating with the body. For those that already have a practice in dance, acrobatics, circus and yoga can bring these into this context to develop further and discover new qualities of movement and transmission. 




About the practices 




The practice of CI comes from elements of contemporary dance, martial arts and improvisation of presence. We will be sharing technique and explorations which guide us to playfully reach gravity, share weight, come into spiral movement and meet ourselves and others through contact. The lab space will inspire us to co create new worlds which be integrating themselves in jams and a final presentation of our creative process.



Personal poetics is a constant process of becoming, of rediscovering oneself through the body, its movement, sounding and imaging. In thi laboratories around improvisation and performance we will find different channels of expression to be able to share them in spaces of deep awareness, in a context of performatic realities.


Mexican artist trained in contemporary dance, water bodywork and somatic practices. She has being focus on movement explorations for creating, forhealing and performatic purposes. She has been practicing CI since 2008 and facilitated spaces for its exploration since 2013. She co organizes the Contact and Flow Festival (CI and water dance) in Bacalar, Mexico. Her vision is to flow with the sharing of movement, creation and healing through CI, experiential anatomy and water dance towards performance.


“Dancing Landscapes” Aurora Ortiz

A proposal inspired by the material of Tunning Score by Lisa Nelson and the investigation of "being social - being individual" by Humberto Maturana.
In this Session we will dive into the play of composition and improvisation of movement, bringing the attention and awareness while moving or being moved by the external visual stimulus and the constant inner dialogue. We will explore the dance through the idea of composing images with the space and the potential in relation to the natural architecture and the geographical landscape of the body. Being part of a landscape that is continuously being created and deconstrcuted and how this phenomena of improvisation brings our attention on the impermanence within nature itself.

BIO: Estudios en danza contemporánea en La Superior de Monterrey. Programa de especialización en Teatro Visual- Danza en Post- KiM Kosmos in Movement , Chile.
Si búsqueda como artista performer se orienta en la composición visual , intervenciones en espacios públicos y práctica de danza contemporánea y Contact Improvisación .



Zara invites you to discover different forms of expression and interaction through a variety of proposals. Using Somatic practices and Acroyoga to open new spaces of interaction through playful exercises, fluid acrobatic transitions and creative processes as a way to expand the dialogue through the body. An exploration in Nature, connecting with the elements, expanding the senses and developing an improvisation inspired by these. And Dance and Authentic movement as a way to find new spaces within and listen to how the body wants to express itself in its essence.


Bio: Zara Rutherford has been exploring corporal practices for more then 10 years in a search for expression through the body and opening new spaces of experiencing oneself and relating with others. Starting this path through Yoga that has allowed her this inner journey of self-discovery and a inner dialogue with the body, and from here embarking on an endless journey that has lead her to forming herself in Acroyoga, Thai Massage, Aguahara ( explorations in the water) and diving into the explorations of somatic movement in nature, dance, contact improv, 5rhythms and many group experiences.


Monday 4


10:00 - 13:00 Introduction circle and integrative Contact Improvisation

15:00 -18:00  Creative Process

20:00 -22:00 Somatic explorations


Tuesday 5


10:00 - 13:00 Acro-Contact 

15:00 -18:00 Movement improvisation and composition 

20:00 -22:00 Dance Journey


Wednesday 6


10:00 - 13:00 Somatic movement in water

16:00 -19:00 Authentic movements in nature/ beach

20:00 -22:00 Free night


Thursday 7


6:30 - 10:00 Nature and Body Creations on Sunrise (Photo/ Video) 

15:00 -18:00 Dancing Landscapes

20:00 -22:00 Jam - instant compositions


Friday 8 


10:00 - 13:00 Contacto Improvisation

15:00 -18:00 Creative Laboratory

20:00 -22:00 Performance





Mazunte is one of those places that keeps its simple charm and holds magic in its wild magestic nature. A little hub for yoga, alternative vibes, circus and nomadic travellers that all seem to be attracted to this place for its authentic vibes, creative people and the wild nature that captivates the soul.


The workshops will take place at Tierra Verde , situated over the village of Mazunte on the way to Punta Cometa (a popular sunset point and energetic spot). Tierra verde is an off the grid eco centre nestled between trees with a beautiful open studio space with thatched roof and cool sea breeze with the Mermejita beach over in the distance.




For this immersion we do not offer Accommodation or meals but there are many options nearby for you to stay.


Just 5 minutes away is Balamjuyuc  perched on top of the cliffs overlooking the bay that has a variety of economical option such as camping, dorm, and private bungalows, if you want a little more comfort there is Altamira right next to Balamjuyuc with a infinity pool and private bungalows, or Villa Renanta next tu Mermejita beach for even more luxury and comfort. There are also many options in town, just take note that it is a steep 10 min walk to get to Tierra Verde.  


With meals both Balamjuyuc, Altamira & Copal serve good breakfasts and lunch, and also the town in close by with many options. Also when we have evening sessions there is an option for everyone to bring something to snack on or share as we enjoy the sunset from the eating area of Tierra Verde or the beach.





EARLY BIRD (before 20/1/19)- 230 $


After 20/1/19 - 260 $


20% discount for mexican residents *

Limited places, to reserve contact for more info.



Join us on this journey into the expressive body.

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